Time(s) series are layered photos, bits and pieces overlapped and tangled together, spanned in over eighty years. Conceptual project that analyzes the results of overlapping different timelines. An understanding of photography not as a frozen moment, but as a result of the flow of time that was needed to record the images. In a way, each of these photos is a collection of time fragments. Moments captured with a camera, a split second of a casual Sunday afternoon, a glimpse of light hitting the wild flowers, half a second of California sunset, six second from the freeway… Every moment is unique, because the next second the light will be different, the shadows will move, the colors will make a shift in the spectrum … These moments in time are combined sometimes randomly, but often in the mysterious order in which they are kept on the shelves of my memory. Scanned face plates of old pocket watches, serve as the glue to bring them together.

This project is an interactive experiment that will show the impact of time on the exhibited photos themselves. A month’s worth of exposure to desert light, wind, sand, rain and various interventions by visitors. All exhibition guests are invited to draw, write, glue objects, add their own photos, or make any intervention they find appropriate to contribute to the story or visual impression of each exhibited photo. On the closing day of the exhibition, the original photos will be put side by side with the ones exposed to the impact of time, nature, and visitors.