Some pictures, in its quiet simplicity, easy remain overlooked. Some pictures need a second chance. This shot was taken five years ago, driving back from Santa Barbara. It was late afternoon, promising another California sunset. Suddenly, almost as if the car slipped into a parallel universe, everywhere was foggy and dark. From the fog emerged tall palm trees, like ancient guards of the safe area of the highway. Half a mile away, a dark veil suddenly parted and comforting golden light took me back to known reality. This single shoot is the only trace from the other side…


When you have that feeling that you missed a moment to say something important, or obvious and simple, and when opportunity is gone… Write a message, put it in a bottle and let the Universe take care of the rest … new gallery  –> here


Another weekend in Joshua Tree. This time I spent less time with the camera and more time with the desert itself, sharing silence and lazy clouds. It was a good light, as always…


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Another Friday night. Highway is racing under the wheels. Ahead are lights of promising weekend, behind already forgotten pale, dull week. In the air, the smell of spring, gasoline and freedom. Best 18 miles of the week… every week.