New photo gallery. Introduction to new project – view through the window of a time machine. Decoding half-forgotten dreams. Results of several overlapping time-lines (and layers/negatives). And few extra colors. And shadows… Follow the link (well, the link will be here tomorrow, I promise …)        And, —> LINK


Obsessed with time lately. Those short intervals of time that we have the illusion we can control. Time is not controlled by us. Time just goes by.



 Joshua Tree National Park. It was too late for a colorful sunset, and too early for the stars. This is a simple graphic treatment of a simple quiet evening.



Saturday, chilly early morning (chilly for California and early for Saturday), waiting for a car oil change… The Commons at Calabasas. iPhone 5.

There is a kind of magic in window reflections. Slightly shifted colors and somewhat distorted image, like a glimpse in a parallel universe, known but different…